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Terms and Privacy

1. Opening Statement:

The act of signing the confirmation of reservation and disclosure form, or simply receiving it, or providing payment details, or participating in the service receipt, expresses the full and explicit consent of the booker/traveler to all the terms detailed in the reservation confirmation and the terms of the reservation. Together with the other documents provided and/or signed and the service provider's vouchers, they constitute the contract between the booker and the travelers and the organization. The technical organization of the tours included in this program was conducted by Dare2walk, a licensed operator with registration number 025707118. Our registered office is located at Neat Golf, Ceasaria, Israel, and we are a registered online travel agency recognized by the General Manager of Tourism in Israel. Any claim that the booker/traveler did not read and/or agree to this contract on its terms before making the reservation will not be accepted. The terms and conditions are intended to address the various scenarios that may occur before, during, or after the tour, allowing us to provide outstanding services by establishing fair rules for both our customers and our

2. Steps to Make a Reservation:

a. Reservation and Management:

The trip is approved upon receipt of the deposit, which is 20% of the total cost of the reservation. An email confirming receipt of the deposit will be sent.

b. Deposit Payment:

Please note that the deposit must be paid to complete the reservation. The reservation can be confirmed by credit card payment, charge, or bank transfer to IBAN – IL740126730000000451240/SWIFT – POALILIT/ DARE2WALK.

c. Communication:

The reservation will not be considered approved until you receive an email confirming the payment.

d. Reservation Confirmation:

After receiving the reservation form and the deposit for 20% of the reservation, which covers administrative costs, you will receive a message with an official confirmation of the reservation. This deposit will be deducted from the final price of the tour.

e. Balance Payment: All remaining payments must be made 45 days before the start of the tour. We will contact you to arrange payment of the remaining amount for the tour. A tour can be booked less than 30 days in advance, in which case the full amount of the requested tour must be paid at the time of booking.

f. Contractual and Optional Services: Contractual and optional services are those detailed in the technical specification for the tour available after payment of the reservation.

g. Cancellation Policy: You can check the cancellation policy [here](insert link).

3. Dare2walk's Role and Responsibilities:

Dare2walk organizes and executes the tour and orders tourism services for the traveler according to the details specified in the reservation through known and professional suppliers and/or tourism wholesalers. Each reservation is a request only until final approvals are received from the tourism providers. We can arrange almost any variation of a tour through our extensive database of accommodation, drivers, and other service providers for various routes. Dare2walk always provides the best available accommodation linked to the appropriate package. Dare2walk will strive to help plan and tailor the vacation/route/tour for you before making the reservation, which may involve fees.

4. Modification:

In the event that significant changes to the essential components of the trip are proposed by the organizer before the trip commences, and such changes are not due to force majeure, the organizer is obliged to notify the consumer and the user promptly. Upon receiving notification, the consumer and the user have three days to decide whether to cancel the contract or accept the proposed changes. Failure to convey their decision within this timeframe will be construed as choosing to terminate the contract without penalty. If the proposed changes are due to force majeure, the travel agency must inform the consumer and the user, offering the option to receive a voucher for a future trip or to change the start dates of the trip. Again, the consumer and the user must communicate their decision within three days of notification. Failure to do so will be considered acceptance of the voucher option. Any changes made by the customer after placing the order will incur change fees, such as for date changes. In the rare event of problems during the trip/vacation, Dare2walk will make every effort to resolve them promptly and effectively. However, refunds exceeding the service price quoted at the time of booking cannot be requested.

5. Approval from Service Providers:

In the event that approval is not obtained from service providers for the request of the booker, in whole or in part, within 72 hours, the request is not binding. It is possible to set a later date than 72 hours by mutual consent or to split the order with the consent of the booker. Services for which final approval will be given at the time of booking or within the period set for the approval of service providers, their final price.

6. Price Adjustment:

It is clarified hereby that until final approval is received, the price may change according to the demand of service providers. In the event of such a change, the booker will be given the option to cancel the order without charge.


7. Information Accuracy:

All information supplied by Dare2walk concerning the offered services is solely derived from multiple suppliers. Dare2walk's accountability for this information is confined to its sourcing from these suppliers and its full disclosure to the booker. Dare2walk assumes no liability for any damages incurred by the booker due to the use of these services, encompassing flights, transfers, accommodations, tours, challenging activities, attractions, and dining services.

 8. Service Execution and Responsibility:

If a passenger makes a special request, Dare2walk will relay it to the service provider, but is not obligated to fulfill it unless the passenger receives written approval that their request will be met. In cases where the request involves essential requirements for the passenger's unique needs, Dare2walk will consult with the service provider to determine feasibility and inform the passenger of the outcome before final approval. If final approval for the passenger's request is not granted, either in whole or in part, within 72 hours, the passenger's or booker's account will not be charged until approval is received from all service providers involved. Failure to obtain approval within 72 hours renders the request non-binding.In the event of a special request from the passenger, Dare2walk undertakes to transfer the request to the service provider but shall not be obligated towards the passenger to fulfill it unless confirmed in writing.

9. Discrepancies between the conditions outlined in the DANA contract and those specific to various destinations shall defer to the conditions stipulated in the DANA contract in the event of conflicting terms presented in the booking confirmation, travel itinerary, or any other document.

10. The booking and its terms serve as guidance; however, the definitive details regarding accommodation, tours, activities, and other tourism services are exclusively those outlined in the vouchers/information provided to the customer prior to departure.

11. Prior to booking, it is mandatory for pregnant women to disclose their pregnancy status.

12. For health and logistical reasons, the minimum age for passengers is 12 years. Any child under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult family member, not another child. The accompanying adult must present a notarized document confirming authorization from the child's legal guardian and permission to participate in the trip, which must be complex and challenging. The accompanying adult is responsible for the child's supervision throughout the trip. No discounts are applicable for children.

13. Passengers are required to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with acceptable standards and good faith, cooperate with dare2walk, and take reasonable steps to mitigate any potential damages. Any significant issues must be promptly communicated to dare2walk's guide during the trip to allow for timely resolution.


14. Flights are the sole responsibility of the respective airlines, and schedules, flight numbers, routes, and other flight details are subject to change without prior notice. Dare2walk bears no liability for flight changes, cancellations, or resulting expenses incurred by passengers.

15. Special and/or vegetarian meal requests are accommodated upon request; however, dare2walk assumes no responsibility for any failure to fulfill such requests but will ensure their transmission to the appropriate supplier as per local regulations.

16. Passengers are advised to adhere to guidelines regarding carry-on luggage size and weight. Dare2walk holds no liability for loss, delay, or damage to carry-on luggage and will not delay the trip due to such incidents.

17. Accommodation ratings are determined by local tourism authorities and may vary between destinations. Dare2walk commits to providing accommodation in line with its official rating in the respective country, with any issues to be addressed by contacting the accommodation staff or local provider during the trip.

18. Accommodation and food standards may differ significantly between destinations and should be considered by travelers.

19. In cases of overbooking, tourism wholesalers reserve the right to transfer guests to alternative accommodations of similar or higher standards, subject to availability.

20. Room allocation, facility conditions, and service standards are the sole responsibility of accommodation and service providers. Dare2walk will relay special requests to providers but is not obligated to fulfill them unless confirmed in writing.

21. Seasonal services may not be available year-round, with dare2walk not liable for any resulting complaints unless misleading information was provided.

22. Dare2walk bears no responsibility for disturbances caused by renovations or construction at or near accommodations, provided such information was disclosed at the time of booking.

23. Additional occupants in rooms intended for more than two people may have less comfortable bedding arrangements. Child accommodation on family tours is typically in double rooms.

24. Accommodation details will be provided prior to departure, but last-minute changes may occur beyond dare2walk's control.

25. Additional services at accommodations may incur extra fees, and travelers are advised to inquire about charges before use. Dare2walk is not responsible for these additional costs.


26. Some destinations require accommodations to collect a local tourist tax per guest per night, which is not included in the booking fee.

27. Accommodations reserve the right to temporarily close facilities or suspend services at any time, with dare2walk not liable for such occurrences unless prior knowledge was available.

28. While dare2walk strives for seamless service execution, it cannot be held liable for unforeseen disruptions beyond its control, with services offered being the sole responsibility of service providers.

29. Services not included in the tour are solely at the discretion and responsibility of travelers.

30. Payment for tourism services is accepted only in Shekels (ILS) or Euros (EUR), with foreign currency prices subject to exchange rates on the payment date.

31. Passport validity, entry permits, and visas are the traveler's responsibility, with dare2walk not liable for entry denials due to incomplete documentation.

32. Travelers must ensure their booking details match their passport information and that entry permits remain valid throughout the trip.

33. Travelers should review travel documents upon receipt from dare2walk to ensure accuracy.

34. The offered price is secured only upon trip payment, with cancellations subject to terms outlined in the booking document.

35. Information on the dare2walk website is subject to change and should not be considered binding until finalized in the booking document.

36. Travel insurance, including medical coverage and cancellation protection, is strongly recommended and should be obtained before departure.

37. Destination countries reserve the right to refuse entry, with dare2walk not liable for resulting damages.

38. Participants voluntarily assume risks associated with challenging activities organized by dare2walk.

39. Environmental conditions may change unexpectedly, with passengers responsible for their safety.

40. Participants must assess their physical capabilities before registering for the trip, with dare2walk not liable for fitness issues.


41. Some trips involve strenuous activities and challenging conditions.

42. No refunds will be provided for unused services or trip interruptions.

43. Dare2walk is not liable for financial losses due to external factors.

44. Trips are self-guided, with travelers responsible for their safety.

45. Travelers are responsible for any damages caused during their stay abroad.

46. Trip duration includes departure and return days.

47. Travelers must disclose any medical limitations and obtain necessary vaccinations.

48. Dare2walk is not liable for changes due to force majeure.

49. Cancellation terms are outlined in the booking document.

50. Cancellation provisions are subject to applicable law.

51. Dare2walk reserves the right to cancel bookings as per service provider notifications.

52. Dare2walk is not responsible for refunds for unused services.

53. Passengers must promptly report problems and cooperate with solutions.

54. Refunds will be issued based on the customer's charged currency and are subject to terms and conditions herein.

55. Travel documents should be checked for accuracy upon receipt.

56. Disputes will be adjudicated in Haifa, Israel, under Israeli law.

57. Claims must be filed within two years of the trip's end.

58. The masculine form is used for convenience and applies to all genders.

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