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planned trips to camino de santiago

The Camino de Santiago is a walking journey that allows an encounter with the full spectrum of emotions, beliefs, passions, and fears of each person. Walking through the green landscapes and changing scenery, random encounters with fellow pilgrims from around the world teach us to embrace change as the only constant and develop mental flexibility and genuine decision-making ability. Therefore, the journey is considered a spiritual, physical, and mental experience that empowers those who embark on it.

We specialize in planning all routes of the Camino de Santiago and ensure that hikers walk comfortably both within and outside the designated area.

We have extensive experience in customizing individual and group plans with self-guided instructions, as well as organizing guided walking groups on the Camino de Santiago.

To provide you with a good night's rest after a day of walking, we have chosen to work with the best accommodation options that will provide you with the hospitality and rest experience needed in private rooms.

To allow you to walk comfortably and freely from the burden of worries, we take care of transferring your equipment between stages of the Camino de Santiago.

At dare2walk, you can choose the desired walking distance for your Camino de Santiago and tailor it to your abilities and the time available to you!

טלי אפללו - dare 2 walk

Seven years ago, I received a calling to embark on a journey.

It wasn't familiar, and the purpose wasn't clear.

There was more uncertainty and less certainty, with a few voices in favor and too many against - both from within and outside.

In my eyes, I only saw the physical and logical challenges involved in undertaking an 800 km solo walking journey. But something inside me struggled to go out and discover the voice that called me.

So, with a not-so-small backpack that got lost during the flight (and was found only three and a half weeks later), I packed what I thought I would need along the way and set out...

At the point where I found myself lost and desperate in a distant airport, without a backpack, without equipment, and with only one option - to go back home, a path opened up for me. So, I made the decision that changed my life. I decided to go as far as I could...

For me, the way to Santiago was a place for introspection and unforgettable self-discovery.

After countless journeys and trips around the world that inspired friends, family, and many others, and out of love for the path, I chose to turn the adventure into a profession, specialize in the field, and create for you, the curious people willing to face both physical and mental challenges, the maximum comfort so that you too can go out and discover how far you can go.

Therefore, in order to provide you, the hikers on the way to Santiago, with maximum comfort, I decided to be your certainty in a journey of uncertainty. To help you choose the route that suits your needs, plan it in detail, and provide and arrange services such as private and clean room accommodations, equipment transfer between locations, jumps, ground arrangements, and more services that may make it easier for you so that you can fully experience the journey without worrying about logistics.

I cannot promise you that there won't be difficulties or obstacles on the way, but I can promise that my professional guidance will save you time and a lot of money, provide you with clear information in your language, and help you embark on the journey easily and safely.

So, if you've decided to embark on an adventure outside the comfort zone but still value comfort, let's plan the way together, and start getting excited from the first day...


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