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planned trips to camino de santiago
Tali Aflalo - Founder and CEO
טלי אפללו - dare 2 walk

For me, the journey to Santiago was a place of unforgettable observation and self-discovery. It was there that I made the decision that changed my life and decided to go as far as I could...

After countless journeys and travels around the world that inspired friends, family, and many others, and out of love for the path, I founded Dare 2 Walk, a Boutique Touring Company specializing in the Camino de Santiago in Spain and Portugal since 2018.

Our services range from consulting and planning trips for independent travelers through guided tours with a focus on the walking experience, history, and encounters with local culture gastronomy. With a desire to provide you with a self exploration experience during the journey, I decided to be your certainty within uncertainty. We help you choose the route that suits your needs and plan your adventure in detail so that you can be free to experience it's true nature.

And all this, with the aim of providing you, the curious individuals ready to face physical and mental challenges alike, with the utmost comfort so that you too can venture out and discover how far you can go...

While I cannot promise you that there won't be difficulties or obstacles along the way, but I can promise that our professional guidance will save you a lot of time and money, provide you with clear information in your language, and help you embark on your journey with ease and confidence.

So if you've decided to embark on an adventure beyond your comfort zone, but comfort is still important to you... come plan the journey with us and start getting excited from day one...


What we offer


Added value to your walking experience

We offer complete packages as we create a plan that meets your specific requirements, arrange and confirm all necessary services, and ensure that everything runs smoothly during your stay. We can organize any version of the trip.

Our service - Uncompromising quality

We carefully select the partners whom we work with on every route. We ensure they are reliable, meticulous, and attentive to the needs of our visitors. Thanks to our close work relations and our on-site presence, we can guarantee a quality service throughout your stay.

Our professionalism

We have extensive knowledge and years of experience in various aspects of walking on all the Camino routes. We can help you focus on various perspectives of the walk, including history, scenery, culinary, culture, topography, and more, so that together we can create the authentic walking experience that suits you.

Above all -  Listening to your needs

To create a unique walking experience for you, we notice the small details and perfectly tailor our services to your requests/needs.

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