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Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela






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Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela

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This beautiful section of the Camino Francés begins in the Templar city in the Bierzo region of Spain, known for its wine-growing and cheese production. The route passes through picturesque medieval towns and enters the Galicia region in the village of O Cebreiro, situated at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level.

One of the important points of interest on our journey is the Celtic village, where we can visit the Church of Santa Maria Real, which still preserves to this day the Holy Grail of the Galicia region, and where the remains of Don Velázquez de Cuéllar, the inventor of the yellow arrow, are buried.

The route will be accompanied by breathtaking views and enchanting stops where we can experience the flavors of the region and enjoy the local wine.

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Day 1

Ponferrada, nestled along the banks of the Sil River, is an ancient and captivating city that captures the heart at first sight. Here, we have the opportunity to delve into history by visiting the Templar castle, discovering the remarkable legacy of the Templars and their influence on the Camino de Santiago. Meandering through the charming streets of the old town, we're spoiled for choice with the plethora of tapas bars, offering a taste of the rich local gastronomy.

Day 2

Today's journey unfolds amidst the stunning landscapes of the Bierzo region, cradled by lofty mountains. Our path encompasses gentle ascents and descents, guiding us through verdant fields, vineyards, and quaint villages. Along the way, we're treated to visits at local home wineries, sampling exquisite regional cuisine. Our day concludes in Villafranca del Bierzo, a historical gem renowned for its culinary delights.

Distance: 25 km

Day 3

Before embarking on today's unforgettable stage, we traverse the narrow valley of the Valcarce River, immersing ourselves in the lush greenery of Galicia. Our journey leads us to the picturesque village of O Cebreiro, a true gem of the Camino, offering breathtaking vistas of the verdant peaks that lie ahead.

Distance: 29 km

Day 4

Setting out from O Cebreiro, we're greeted by Galicia's rolling hills and emerald meadows. The trail winds through the enchanting "Sierra de Ranadoiro," culminating in a moderate ascent to Alto do Poio. Descending leisurely, we arrive at Triacastela, a charming village adorned with a blend of historical and modern architecture.

Distance: 21 km

Day 5

Amidst the verdant valleys along the Camino Frances, we embark on a soul-enriching journey to Sarria, the final major city before Santiago de Compostela. Both routes offer enchanting surroundings, inspiring our spirits for the days ahead. Upon reaching Sarria, we're captivated by the city's beauty and ascend to a viewpoint, eagerly anticipating the landscapes that await us.

Distance: 25 km

Day 6

Traversing picturesque villages and verdant meadows, today's journey unveils captivating viewpoints that adorn our path. Our day culminates in Portomarín, nestled on the banks of the Miño River, where we indulge in the famed Tarta de Santiago, a delectable treat renowned in the region.

Distance: 22.2 km

Day 7

Ascending through a forest steeped in pilgrim history, we journey towards the quaint village of Gonzar. Crossing the Siera de Ligonde region, we're rewarded with unforgettable vistas before resting in Palas de Rei, a charming locale dotted with small villages.

Distance: 24.8 km

Day 8

Today presents the most challenging stretch of our route, characterized by both distance and short ascents. However, the enchanting landscapes and historical landmarks, including the 12th-century Church of San Julian, offer a truly magical experience. Arriving in Arzúa, we're treated to the richness of local cuisine and the historic Church of Santiago in the old quarter.

Distance: 28.5 km

Day 9

With the final kilometers beckoning, our path meanders through unique locales like Calzada and Brea, offering encounters with fellow pilgrims on their journey to Santiago.

Distance: 19.4 km

Day 10

The pinnacle of our pilgrimage has arrived! At Monte de Gozo (Hill of Joy), we catch our first glimpse of the cathedral spires, marking the culmination of our journey. With hearts full of joy, we stamp our last credential at the ancient church, savoring the satisfaction of reaching our destination. It's a fitting conclusion to this extraordinary odyssey.

Day 11

Our remarkable journey draws to a close. Following breakfast, you may depart, cherishing the memories of this unforgettable pilgrimage. Alternatively, linger a while longer and explore the abundance of historical, cultural, and gastronomical delights that Santiago de Compostela has to offer. 

Feel free to reach out to us to plan your extended stay.

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  • Accommodation in hotels and rural houses (combination of high-rated accommodations)

  • Rooms with private bathrooms

  • Breakfast

  • Transfer of equipment between accommodation places (1 suitcase/bag per person, maximum 17 kg)

  • Guidebook including tips and information

  • Pilgrim's passport and stamp of the Camino de Santiago

  • 24/7 emergency support and customer service

  • Taxes

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  • Tourist tax (if required)

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  • Additional night in Ponferrada

  • Additional nights along the route

  • Additional nights in Santiago de Compostela

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  • Private transfer from Santiago de Compostela to the airport

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