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Camino Inglas

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Ferrol to Santiago de Compostela

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Ferrol to Santiago de Compostela

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The Camino Inglés, or the English Way, was historically used by pilgrims from Ireland and England and is considered one of the lesser-known but highly rewarding routes among the Camino de Santiago trails, as it is less crowded than others.

The route begins in the northern city of Ferrol and stretches over 119 kilometers, passing through beautiful rural landscapes, serene forests, and charming towns like Betanzos and Pontedeume. Despite its relative brevity, the Camino Inglés provides a more essential and intimate walking experience, filled with especially warm hospitality from the locals of the Galicia region.

The Camino Inglés offers a wonderful opportunity for those eager to experience the spiritual and cultural richness of the Camino de Santiago trails in a relatively short time.

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Day 1 - Arrival in Ferrol

Ferrol is a coastal city and port in the province of A Coruña in Spain. Before we set off on our journey, we can visit the Maritime Museum, San Felipe Castle, and the Cathedral of San Julián, explore its interesting streets, and enjoy the unique atmosphere.

Day 2

Our route begins along the Curuxeiras de Ferrol harbor, offering a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean until we depart the city. We'll cross the bridge over the Xubia River and reach Neda, known for its unique charm and scenic views. Continuing, we'll pass through small picturesque communities until we arrive at Pontedeume, a town nestled in the mountains with a rich historic quarter. Distance: 30 km

Day 3

Today's walk is slightly challenging but highly rewarding. We'll depart from the historic quarter of Pontedeume towards Mino, a town on the banks of the Ria de Betanzos estuary. Passing through small villages on our way to one of the most interesting centers in Galicia - Betanzos, a medieval town known for its gastronomy.
Distance: 22 km

Day 4

Today we'll enjoy a pleasant walk through small, picturesque villages like Cos, Paredes, and As Traves, surrounded by lush vegetation. We'll end the day at Hospita de Bruma, which was a hospital for pilgrims hundreds of years ago and today serves as accommodation.
Distance: 24 km

Day 5

We'll leave Bruma and enter the rural area of Ordes. Today's walk will pass through very comfortable plains, some of which are isolated. The rural landscape will gradually change to urban as we approach our final destination. After crossing the Tambre River, we'll enter Sigueiro, the last town before Santiago de Compostela.
Distance: 25 km

Day 6

Today we'll reach our destination. Most of the walk will be in a pleasant rural environment until we enter the industrial area of Tambre. We'll pass through Parque Farmiñán and the promenade of Hoz y Marías. Continuing through the northern neighborhoods of the city, we'll reach Obradoiro Square, where we'll behold the impressive facade of the Cathedral of Santiago in all its splendor. Distance: 16 km

Day 7 - Santiago de Compostela

Our amazing journey has come to an end... You can leave after breakfast, taking with you memories of an unforgettable journey, or stay with us for a few more days and enjoy all that Santiago de Compostela has to offer.
Camino Inglas
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