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Via de la Plata

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Via de la Plata

The Via de la Plata, known for its seclusion, offers an authentic walking experience for pilgrims on their way to Santiago. It is advisable to undertake this trail between March and May or in October due to the challenging climate in the Andalusia region during summer and winter.

The route meanders through charming Roman-era towns and notable cities like Merida, Salamanca, and Ourense. With fewer significant ascents than the French Way, it provides a relatively flat terrain but has limited services en route. This pilgrimage offers a cross-cultural journey, showcasing diverse landscapes that span from medieval to contemporary Spain.

טיולים לקמינו דה סנטיאגו

Customized Routs to

Via de la Plata

What does the route customization service include?

  • Personalized service - Personal guidance, tips, and support at every stage of the journey start to finish..

  • Experience - We are specializing in planning routes to the Camino de Santiago.

  • Efficiency - Saving you time and money on information searching.

  • On-the-road services - firsthand familiarity with service providers on the route, for meticulous logistics along the way.

  • Customized private route - as travel enthusiasts we seek to experience  the  culture, culinary, history, and locals - it's all integrated into the journey we  plan for you.

  • Response and support - providing 24/7 assistance.


All you need to do is pack your bag, hit the road, and enjoy.

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